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VERY EARLY S1 3.8 LHD Roadster (875161)

Rather special S1 3.8 LHD Roadster (OTS) looking for an owner.

The 161st car completed by Jaguar (875161). Outside bonnet-locks, welded louvres, flat floors etc. £295k ($356k USD; Euro 335k) will buy this car comprehensively restored (by us) to the condition it was when it first saw the light of day not long after the E-Type launch at Geneva in early 1961.

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Currently in a rather sorry state but an up-front 25% deposit secures this car with completion anticipated before the end of 2023. Currently awaiting Heritage Certificate to confirm colour-combination, numbers etc.

 As most of you will already know, the earliest E Type Jaguars can be identified by several distinctive features such as ‘welded louvres’ or flat floors’, the most unique and rare feature of all being the ‘outside bonnet lock’ (‘OBL’) used only on the first cars manufactured. Each of these three features were later abandoned, making the OBL a particularly notable and rare example of one of the most iconic sports cars in history.

As with most cars, it is the first iteration, embodying the initial design in its purest form that becomes collectible and highly sought after whether that be the earliest Porsche 2.7 RS, the Ferrari 250 SWB, or even the humble Mini. Such is the position now held by the ‘outside bonnet lock’ E Type Jaguars.

S1, Jaguar, E-Type, XKE, OBL, Welded Louvres, Outside Bonnet Lock, Eagle, Eagle Cars, Building The Legend