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New Showroom/Studio.

30 January 2023

We needed a bit more space!
Starting to move into our new showroom/studio.

Two of the XJ13s you see are customer cars back with us for service. One of the two is used regularly on roads around the UK. Both are powered by our 6.8-litre tera V12. The third car is powered by the only surviving complete engine from the start of Jaguar's XJ13 project. The engine in the car is the very first Jaguar V12 ever to be heard. All three are road-legal.

Jaguar's plan had been to campaign a team of XJ13s at Le Mans and then use an engine of this type to power their range of future cars - starting with the 1971 S3 V12 E-Type. Sadly, the XJ13 wasn't completed in time, never raced and a SOHC version of the V12 was adopted. Cost being one of the considerations at the time. To make matters worse, the car was heavily crashed during a promotional exercise long after the project was shelved and was rebuilt in a form rather different to the 1966 original. The one-and-only "original" XJ13 has been rather unkindly referred to as a "Jaguar-built replica". All three cars you see on this video have the exact shape of the car before it was crashed. As it first saw the light of day in 1966 and as Malcolm Sayer designed it.

We are now retro-fitting this engine into the cars that SHOULD have been powered by it!

Form an orderly queue ..... 😉www,

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