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Jaguar-Land Rover To Sign EV Platform Sharing Deal With China’s Chery

21 April 2024

JLR is a subsidiary of India’s Tata Motors without an EV platform of its own, so it’s going to get one from China's Chery. The Chinese media says Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is close to signing a deal with Chery (China’s third-largest automaker) to gain access to its EV platforms.

The two companies are already working together to build cars in China, so the news isn’t surprising. This new EV platform-sharing scheme was also confirmed by a company representative whom Reuters quoted during a recent presentation, saying that two premium European automakers were interested in the Chery E0X architecture for high-end cars.

According to CNEVPost, JLR intends to build hybrid and fully electric vehicles on the Chery platform. Future JLR EVs and PHEVs will share the platform and tech with vehicles from Chery’s Exeed luxury brand, but no additional information was shared. There is no time frame for when the first Chery-based JLR plug-ins will debut, but the British automaker has announced that it plans to launch six pure-electric models by 2026 across all its brands.

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