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First 10 Years – The Journey Continues


The journey continues …

BUILDING THE LEGEND - Founder -Neville Swales introduces the E type Jaguar with the tera v12 engine to Concours on Saville Row.

10 years ago I suggested to our craftsmen they should walk 5 miles a day to refresh their minds and creative abilities. 10 years have passed and I have no idea where the heck they all are?

Seriously though, here at Building The Legend we are entering a new and exciting part of our journey. The last few weeks have seen us exhibit examples of our “E-Type Re-Imagined” series of cars – each powered by our unique quad-cam tera® V12 – as we attempt to recapture the excitement and elegance of the early cars.

We are now accepting commissions for these exclusive bespoke creations and works of art – contact us now to stake your claim on one of these unique cars.

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Jaguar E-Type Re-Imagined

- a car designed by the great Malcolm Sayer and described by the late Enzo Ferrari as “the most beautiful car ever built”.

A car which we believe lost its early elegance and simplicity as the series progressed.

A car now powered by the type of engine that should have graced these V12 cars at launch – an engine aimed to return Jaguar back to its glory days at le Mans.

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tera quad-cam V12

Our very own unique engine.

Inspired by the engine designed to carry Jaguar’s hopes of a return to combat at Le Mans in 1966 in Malcolm Sayer’s sublime XJ13.

Sadly, that car never turned a wheel in anger and Jaguar’s dreams and aspirations died with the car – until now.

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Bespoke V12 Engines for Custom Classic RestoMod Jaguars at Savile Row Concours [Building the Legend]

Concours on Savile Row

Less than four weeks ago we were privileged to publicly launch two of our E-Type Re-Imagined cars at the very first “Concours on Savile Row”.

An inspired choice of location where the main theme was “the art of bespoke” – partnering a truly inspiring collection of cars alongside the skilled craftsmen and artisan tailors of Savile Row - closing the street and displaying some of the finest examples of bespoke automotive creations on a red carpet along that world-famous street.

Building The Legend was fortunate enough to be included amongst these exhibits and be partnered with world-famous tailors Gieves & Hawkes at No.1 Savile Row, London.

Contact us now to stake your claim on one of these unique cars.

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London Concours in the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company

Only a week after Savile Row, Building The Legend was again presented with the opportunity to show examples of our E-Type Re-Imagined cars at the London Concours held in the hallowed grounds of London’s Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) – this time in the company of our tribute to the genius of Malcom Sayer’s 1966 XJ13 with its engine that inspired our very own quad-cam tera® V12.

The engine in that car is THE very first V12 ever to be heard at Jaguar’s spiritual home at Browns Lane in Coventry. It is an engine that carried Jaguar’s hopes of a return to Le Mans – sadly not to be (until now – watch this space!!!).

Visitors to the HAC were treated to the almighty bark and spectacle of this car being driven around to take its place in front of the event’s main stage

Contact us now to stake your claim on one of these unique cars.

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Maria Vasquez

We are proud to announce our future collaboration with Maria Vasquez - a contemporary self-portrait artist born in Peru.

Maria’s unique style is truly one of a kind and stunningly depicts the sensuous curves of the female form with its subtle mystery.

Her work superbly complements the organic forms of our bespoke-and-tailored creations as well as mirroring their sculptural forms. We look forward to see her unique style evolve in concert with our future designs.

Maria Vasquez

Future Events

Plans are being made for further events during 2022 (and beyond) – events such as Salon Prive at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire (31st August to 4th September 2022), a very special inaugural event at a chateau in the heart of France’s Champagne Region (Troyes, 10th to 12th September 2022), an exclusive tour from Champagne to Monaco (September 2022); the summer culminating with our presence at the Monaco Super-Yacht Show (28 September - 1 October 2022)

Details of these events will be communicated as September approaches.

Come share this exciting journey with us!

Details to follow.

Now taking orders

Would you like to own one of our exclusive, bespoke-and-tailored, limited-edition cars? Contact us NOW to secure your car for delivery during 2023

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