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February 2023 Newsletter

15 February 2023


So what’s new?

They’re Here!

tera® Quad-Cam V12 - Now Available to Buy!

tera, quad-cam, V12, Building The Legend, Neville Swales

Castings for the next batch of our unique and exclusive tera quad-cam V12s have arrived and are heading for machining. We can now offer COMPLETE, TESTED and WARRANTED 6.1 or 6.8-litre engines for delivery from May 2023.

tera, quad-cam, V12, Jaguar, XJ13

A “good-faith” deposit of $10k USD (£8k/€8k) will secure one of these incredible engines for you.

Around $80k USD (£65k/€74k) in total buys you a 6.8-litre unit. The exact figure will depend on desired spec. Prices are ex-works and don't include any taxes or ancillaries.

This is a genuinely unrepeatable offer. I know, I know …. they all say that. But this IS! Supply is limited so I will offer on a first-come, first-served basis.

Why the name tera?


Why call it tera??

“tera” - mathematical term used to express large numbers

“tera” = 10 to the power of 12 - 1 followed by 12 zeros

“tera” = one million million - 1,000,000,000,000

Also …. from the Greek “TERAS”

meaning MONSTER!

The type of engine that SHOULD have powered Jaguar's sports cars and saloons.

They can be made to fit pretty much any Jaguar V12-engined car - we have even installed them in 6-cylinder XKE Jaguars. Not only Jaguars, but other marques and custom sports cars too.

A beautifully sculptural engine and unashamedly of the period. Designed to be seen and with a purposeful beauty hinting at the power lying within.

The tera® draws inspiration from Claude Baily’s (former Chief Designer, Jaguar) legendary quad-cam racing engine – an engine designed to return the company to its glory days of Le Mans triumphs and domination.

Sadly, the one-off car was destined to never turn a wheel in anger and the potential of Baily’s mighty power-unit was never fully realised. Instead, the company re-designed Baily’s racing engine into a SOHC version more suited to sedate applications.

In the words of Walter “Wally” Hassan …

“… Between 1949 and 1957 Jaguar were actively involved in motor racing in order to create the sporting image for their cars. Amongst their successes were the winning of the Le Mans 24 Hour Race in the years of 1951, 1953, 1955, 1956 & 1957 as well as Sebring and many other international races and rallies. These cars were powered by the six-cylinder XK twin-cam engine and it was thought to be desirable to develop a successor to compete in future races, particularly Le Mans …. in order to provide the maximum potential in power, a 12 cylinder ‘Vee’ configuration … was conceived to provide for safe running at 8000-8500 rpm. By way of comparison the 6 cylinder twin cam XK engine had been designed without racing in mind.

… during the development period it was decided to withdraw from racing and these policy changes eliminated the need for a competition engine and emphasis shifted to the production (SOHC) version.”


Drawing inspiration from Baily’s V12 and other classic racing engines of the period, Building The Legend’s tera® represents an evolution of Baily’s concept. A “what might have been”. An engine born to race but whose potential was never fully realised – until now

The engine is of course normally-aspirated and drivers of these cars will gain the full visceral experience of a howling V12 race-engine. Distributor-less with choice of period Lucas Mechanical or Electronic Fuel injection. Safe running rev-limit of 8,000 to 8,500 rpm. Available from street-spec to full-race. Applications of this engine are limited only by your imagination!

Building the Legend can upgrade your Classic Jaguar! From a “refresh”, engine-swap, full-restoration and everything in between.

Price given as a guide only – actual price will vary with chosen specification; Prices are ex-works and exclude taxes; Prices are for outright purchase (no exchange); Consideration given for engines offered in part-exchange; Engine removal/installation/commissioning services available – contact for details and quote; Prices are subject to change:

tera, quad-cam, V12, Jaguar, XJ13
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We have a new Showroom/Studio.

We needed a bit more space!

Starting to move into our new showroom/studio.

Two of the XJ13s you see are customer cars back with us for service. One of the two is used regularly on roads around the UK. Both are powered by our 6.8-litre tera V12. The third car is powered by the only surviving complete engine from the start of Jaguar's XJ13 project. The engine in the car is the very first Jaguar V12 ever to be heard. All three are road-legal.

Jaguar's plan had been to campaign a team of XJ13s at Le Mans and then use an engine of this type to power their range of future cars - starting with the 1971 S3 V12 E-Type. Sadly, the XJ13 wasn't completed in time, never raced and a SOHC version of the V12 was adopted. Cost being one of the considerations at the time.

To make matters worse, the car was heavily crashed during a promotional exercise long after the project was shelved and was rebuilt in a form rather different to the 1966 original. The one-and-only "original" XJ13 has been rather unkindly referred to as a "Jaguar-built replica". All three cars you see on this video have the exact shape of the car before it was crashed. As it first saw the light of day in 1966 and as Malcolm Sayer designed it.

We are now retro-fitting this engine into the cars that SHOULD have been powered by it!

Form an orderly queue ..... www,

New Showroom/Studio
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VERY EARLY S1 3.8 LHD Roadster (875161) FOR SALE

Rather special S1 3.8 LHD Roadster (OTS) looking for an owner.

The 161st car completed by Jaguar (875161). Outside bonnet-locks, welded louvres, flat floors etc. £295k GBP ($356k USD; Euro 335k) will buy this car comprehensively restored (by us) to the condition it was when it first saw the light of day not long after the E-Type launch at Geneva in early 1961.

S1, E-Type, Flat Floor, Outside Bonnet Lock, Welded Louvres

Currently in a rather sorry state but an up-front 25% deposit secures this car with completion anticipated before the end of 2023. Currently awaiting Heritage Certificate to confirm colour-combination, numbers etc.

As most of you will already know, the earliest E Type Jaguars can be identified by several distinctive features such as ‘welded louvres’ or flat floors’, the most unique and rare feature of all being the ‘outside bonnet lock’ (‘OBL’) used only on the first cars manufactured. Each of these three features were later abandoned, making the OBL a particularly notable and rare example of one of the most iconic sports cars in history.

As with most cars, it is the first iteration, embodying the initial design in its purest form that becomes collectible and highly sought after whether that be the earliest Porsche 2.7 RS, the Ferrari 250 SWB, or even the humble Mini. Such is the position now held by the ‘outside bonnet lock’ E Type Jaguars.
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XJ13 Anyone?

Modifying E-Types and building tera® Quad-Cam V12s is keeping us more than busy!

As my business focus changes I find I am left with a complete (beautiful) XJ13 chassis/monocoque crying out for someone to complete it. I can, of course supply everything needed to finish it or point you in the direction of those who can supply parts.

Interested? I’m offering it for a serious knock-down price for a car of this quality at this stage of construction. Please let me know if you're interested and I'll send details/photos etc.

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