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E-Type Re-Imagined
V12 tera-powered "E-Type Re-Imagined" - Lowdrag
Monaco Yacht Show
Monaco Yacht Show
Salon Prive 2022 - Blenheim Palace UK
Salon Prive 2022 - Blenheim Palace UK
Born to Race
A Building The Legend re-creation of the 1966 Jaguar XJ13. Shown here at the Honourable Artillery Company London Concours held earlier this summer. The quad-cam engine powering this car is the actual very first V12 ever to run at Jaguar. First heard in Coventry at a time when Jaguar still held hopes of a return to Le Mans with Malcolm Sayer's beautiful XJ13 This engine was the inspiration for our very own and very exclusive tera quad-cam V12
tera® Quad-Cam V12 - a bit of background
While we prepare our second batch of tera® Quad-Cam V12 engines, I thought you may be interested in a little background to the project ...
Lucky Number 13
This extract is reproduced courtesy of Octane Magazine. It describes the first outing of our Building The Legend re-ceation inspired by the one-and-only 1966 Jaguar XJ13. A car which inspired us to produce a limited run of customer cars before going on to create our unique and mighty quad-cam tera® V12 and our re-imagined E-Types. The tera® is inspired by the type of power unit that could have been heard howling down the Le Mans Mulsanne straight in 1966 and beyond - the engine that SHOULD have been installed in Jaguar's V12 E-Type at launch as well as their range of luxury V12 saloons. Words by Richard Heseltine.
Original 1966 XJ13 Windscreen - Triplex
Whilst sourcing parts for the rebuild of the 1966 car, I came across a reference to the use of an "original XJ13 windscreen" which prompted me to contact Pilkingtons on the off-chance the original windscreen patterns may still be available. The reference to the use of the original windscreen formers was found in a XJ13 brochure produced by Jim Marland (former owner of Proteus Cars) in the 1990s. I now have the information I need to ensure my recreation will follow the lines of the original windscreen exactly
Ford vs Ferrari ....vs Jaguar
Could the Jaguar XJ13 have beaten the GT40s?
Introducing the tera©
tera® - Building The Legend Limited’s own unique quad-cam V12 engine. The type of power unit which could have been heard howling down the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans in 1966 and beyond.